Saturday, February 7, 2009

Who's in charge?

Six House committees met jointly this morning to hear VOG related bills in order to make it easier for testifiers from the various state/county agencies and the public. Rep. Robert Herkes coordinated the hearing, as chair of the House Special Committee on VOG Effects. The special committee met four times over the interim to gather information on the impact of VOG on public health and safety, agriculture, business and the economy, and overall impacts to the state. Many of the bills are a result of and in response to the information from the special committee report.

At the end of the hearing, Rep. Herkes summed it up by saying that Rep. Souki hit the nail on the head when he concluded that "This is a natural disaster, and no one's in charge." Rep. Herkes has and continues to be frustrated by a lack of response from certain state agencies in addressing the immediate problems faced by the people on the Big Island. He has repeatedly stated that there needs to be someone in charge to spearhead the state's response on VOG.

Although the state administration has established an Interagency Task Force on Vog, Rep. Herkes exclaimed that the task force has no chair and has only met twice. Rep. Souki added, "Meanwhile, the whole island is going to pot."

The VOG package includes:

HB313 RELATING TO HIGHWAYS. This bill requires the Department of Transportation to conduct more reviews of the highway guardrails on the Big Island, as they are deteriorating from exposure to acid rain caused by VOG.

HB318 RELATING TO VOG. This bill requires the Department of Agriculture to work with the University of Hawaii to determine the best methods of VOG treatment and to research VOG-resistant varieties of plants.

HB316 RELATING TO AGRICULTURE. This bill establishes a temporary reimbursement program for tenants of state agricultural lands in VOG-impacted areas in order to reimburse tenants for costs of reapir and maintenance of fencing and other infrastructure.

HB312 RELATING TO HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES. This bill directs the Department of Defense to develop and implement a program to ensure that an adequate number of monitors are in place throughout the state where high VOG and sulfur dioxide incidences are known to occur.

HB317 RELATING TO MOBILE MEDICAL CARE. This bill authorizes the use of the federal Homeland Security Grant Program funds for mobile emergency and clinical medical care for the people in the southern sections of the Big Island.

HB314 RELATING TO WORKERS' COMPENSATION. This bill requires the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to develop rules for workers' compensation claims involving VOG-related medical conditions.

HB315 RELATING TO VOLCANIC EMISSIONS. This bill requires the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to establish standards to promote worker safety during high incidences of VOG or sulfur dioxide.

As the Labor Committee had a quorum, they passed HB314 as is, and passed HB315 with amendments. The other bills were deferred for decision making next week.


Anonymous said...

So MAKE someone in charge! Design a bill - not a reso, for two years plus, with the Gov herself as lead, name a House and Senate member Chairs, and then name the related subject matter department to administratively be lead. Oh, and please fund the damn thing will you please?

Anonymous said...

If you don't do something soon, maybe you folks who think you know what's happening may loose your jobs and secure paychecks and find out what it feels like when people procrastinate or won't take the lead and ultimately are accountable for the demise of the hard working folks of the State of Hawaii. Shame on you! But I guess we can't expect much more, it is a shame you hold the positions that you do and to think we put you there. Fool on us!!!