Friday, December 7, 2007

Speaker appoints members to Superferry Task Force

Speaker of the House Calvin Say has appointed the following individuals as members of the Temporary Hawaii Inter-Island Ferry Oversight Task Force:

To represent the County of Maui, Ms. Colette Machado - Office of Hawaiian Affairs.
To represent the City and County of Honolulu, Mr. Kauila Clark - Native Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner.
To represent the County of Hawaii, Ms. Sara Peck - Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii, Environmental Community Representative.
To represent the County of Kauai, Mr. Jeff Mira - Honsador Lumber, General Business Community Representative.

Pursuant to Act 2, (starts on page 45), there are to be 13 members of the task force, including the Director of Transportation (or designee); Chairperson of the Board of Agriculture (or designee); Chairperson of the Board of Land and Natural Resources (or designee); the Attorney General (or designee); the president of a large ferry vessel company (or designee); one representative from each of the four major counties, including one from the business community, one from the environmental community, and one knowledgeable in native Hawaiian practices to be appointed by the Speaker of the House; and the same number and criteria for the Senate President.

The task force must submit a report to the legislature 20 days prior to the 2009 session. It will cease to exist upon the completion of the final report.

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Anonymous said...

what a crock. each and everyone of those people are in the SF pocket. For example Mr. Kauila Clark - Native Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner. was the person who blessed the ship. how long will we as a state stand by and let this be done to us? the curruptness of this administration is a text book example of fasism!! stand up and speek out for the protection of your island!!! EIS FIRST