Wednesday, November 12, 2014

2015 Leadership Team and Committee Chairpersons

House Speaker Joseph M. Souki today announced the appointments of the House of Representatives Majority leadership lineup for the 28th Legislature which convenes on January 21, 2015.

“The team that we have formed represents the kind of talents and abilities that will best serve our residents and will address the issues facing our state,” said Speaker Souki. “We look forward to engaging in meaningful discussions with Governor-elect David Ige and his administration to continue to identify ideas and solutions to help Hawaii move forward.”

Members of the House Leadership are as follows:

Speaker of the House        Joseph M. Souki
Vice Speaker                     John M. Mizuno
Majority Leader                Scott K. Saiki
Majority Floor Leader      Cindy Evans
Majority Whip                  Ken Ito
Asst. Majority Leader       Chris Lee
Asst. Majority Leader       Roy M. Takumi
Speaker Emeritus             Calvin K.Y. Say

2015 House Committee Chairpersons:

Agriculture (AGR)
Clift Tsuji, Chair
Richard H.K. Onishi, Vice Chair

Economic Development & Business (EDB)
Derek S.K. Kawakami, Chair
Sam Kong, Vice Chair

Veterans, Military & International Affairs (VMI)
Romy M. Cachola, Chair
Ken Ito, Vice Chair

Tourism & Culture and the Arts (TCA)
Tom Brower, Chair
Takashi Ohno, Vice Chair

Labor & Public Employment (LAB)
Mark M. Nakashima, Chair
Jarrett Keohokalole, Vice Chair

Public Safety (PBS)
Gregg Takayama, Chair
Kyle T. Yamashita, Vice Chair

Transportation (TRN)
Henry J.C. Aquino, Chair
Matthew LoPresti, Vice Chair

Health (HLT)
Della Au Belatti, Chair
Dee Morikawa, Vice Chair

Housing (HSG)
Mark J. Hashem, Chair
Richard Creagan, Vice Chair

Human Services (HUS)
Mele Carroll, Chair
Bertrand Kobayashi, Vice Chair

Energy & Environmental Protection (EEP)
Chris Lee, Chair
Nicole E. Lowen, Vice Chair

Ocean, Marine Resources & Hawaiian Affairs (OMH)
Kaniela Ing, Chair
Nicole E. Lowen, Vice Chair

Water & Land (WAL)
Ryan I. Yamane, Chair
Ty J.K. Cullen, Vice Chair

Education (EDN)
Roy M. Takumi, Chair
Takashi Ohno, Vice Chair

Higher Education, (HED)

Isaac W. Choy, Chair
Linda Ichiyama, Vice Chair

Finance (FIN)
Sylvia Luke, Chair
Scott Y. Nishimoto, Vice Chair

Legislative Management (LMG)
Scott Y. Nishimoto, Chair
John M. Mizuno, Vice Chair

Consumer Protection & Commerce (CPC)
Angus L.K. McKelvey, Chair
Justin H. Woodson, Vice Chair

Judiciary (JUD)
Karl Rhoads, Chair
Joy San Buenaventura, Vice Chair

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