Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rep. Takai featured by Sierra Club Compass

Rep. K. Mark Takai is featured in the current edition of the Sierra Club Compass, the U.S. Sierra Club blog. Read the full interview here.

The post is on Rep. Takai's efforts to transition to alternative energy in his own household. Two years ago, the Takais installed photovoltaic panels on their home roof top. Their electricity bill dropped significantly, from $170/month to about $18/month. In anticipation of getting a Nissan LEAF, he installed 10 more panels.

Since getting the Leaf, Takai estimates that the family saves about $240 per month on gasoline. Rep. Takai represents District 34: Newtown, Waiau, Pearl City, Waimalu. As his average commute is about 50 miles per day, range is a concern, but things seem to be okay as long as the LEAF gets plugged in every evening.

Learn more about this family's efforts in energy conservation.

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