Monday, November 7, 2011

Rep. Blake Oshiro Named Governor's Deputy Chief of Staff

Governor Abercrombie stands with Rep. Blake Oshiro, Lt. Governor Schatz, Representatives and Senators and House Chief Clerk Pat Mau-Shimizu.

Speaker Say's statement:

"I congratulate Blake for his appointment as Governor Abercrombie's Deputy Chief of Staff. Although Blake's departure is a big loss to the House, his appointment to a major executive branch policy position represents a much bigger gain for the State of Hawaii. Blake's dedication, intelligence, common sense, and compassion will be great attributes to achieve the betterment of all Hawaii. I will miss Blake as a Majority Leader and colleague. I will miss his daily advice and observations. Most importantly, I will miss his principles, unselfishness, and political courage which, even after 34 years in politics, were an inspiration to me."

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