Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Thankful House

This has been a tough year for the country, the state, the legislature, government in general, and especially the people that it serves. Many of you muster the strength to weather the tailspin of the state budget, the capricious economy, and other obstacles that life throws at you. As the days lead up to Thanksgiving we are all reminded of the aspects of our lives for which we are most grateful. We appreciate the things we have while giving to those who may not have as much.

This Thanksgiving, the members of the House of Representatives and their staff would like to share with you the things they are most thankful for this year. We'll be posting their responses throughout the week, and after you read them, please feel free to express what you are thankful for in the comment box below. Aloha!

Pat Mau-Shimizu, House Clerk

"I am thankful for a second chance at life and the ability to plan for the future. I am thankful for a greatly improved quality of life. I am thankful for a supportive family, and a network of loyal and caring friends and colleagues in the State Capitol. And I am most thankful for my kidney donor, and her generosity and all of her sacrifices on my behalf." (Born again: September 24, 2009)

Rep. Marcus Oshiro, House Finance Chair, D-39 (Wahiawa, Whitmore Village, Launani Valley)

"I am thankful for God giving me a life of modest desires but rich in experience and a loving wife to share it all with."

Tommie Suganuma, Legislative Services Manager to Rep. Cindy Evans

"First of all I am thankful to the Lord. Without his guidance and protection I may not have taken the opportunities he placed in front of me, but I am thankful he did and that I did. I am thankful for my family and their loving support and understanding, I am thankful for having an awesome boss (Rep Evans), I am thankful for the session staffers I have had the privilege of working with (Lolan, Muriel, Dean, Micah, Kylie, Bill, Tom, Terii, Brian, and especially Baron), and lastly, I am thankful for the many friends I have made at church and here at the capitol, and working with such a dedicated bunch of people, whom sometimes don’t get the thanks they deserve."

Arlina Agbayani, Office Manager for Rep. Jessica Wooley

"I’m thankful that I have a job, my family and my health."

Rep. Karl Rhoads, D-28 (Palama, Chinatown, Downtown, Lower Makiki, Shridan)

"I’m thankful that my wife still thinks I’m funny after 15 years of marriage." (And just in case you're wondering, Rep. Rhoads' wife, Cindy, confirmed in an email that he still can make her laugh.)

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Dramastically said...

I am thankful that Pat is healthy and happy. :)