Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reinventing Government committees formed

At its last meeting on November 6, 2009, the Reinventing Government Task Force established program area committees and assigned members as respective chairs. They are:

State Agency/Issue

Department of Education/Education - Chair Don Horner

Department of Transportation/Transportation - Chair Mark Fukunaga

Department of Land & Natural Resources/Land and Natural Resourses - Chair Laura Thielen

Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism/Economic Development - Chair Randy Perreira

Department of Human Resources Development/Human Resources - Co-chairs John Monahan and Walter Ozawa

Department of Human Services/Health and Human Services - Co-chairs Reginald Castanares, Lynn McCrory, Don Horner

Senator Donna Mercado Kim and Rep. Marcus Oshiro are to attend all of the committee meetings if possible. The previous post on Reinventing Government with the list of appointees and the establishing legislation can be found here.

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