Thursday, September 24, 2009

State capitol garden

Photo: Vermont State House Garden. Cabbage harvested in June 2009

I was excited to read on NCSL's blog the Thicket that Vermont has a State House Garden, making it the first and possibly the only vegetable garden to be planted on a state capitol lawn.

Located in Montpelier, the garden is maintained by local volunteers. All the food harvested goes directly to local food banks. Vermont lawmakers approved the garden as part of an effort to promote sustainability, and to encourage residents to plant their own gardens.

Here's a link to the harvest report. This is the first year of the garden, and they reaped their 4th harvest of the year earlier in September. The bounty, posted by applescott:

"The fourth harvest was great, even if a little surreal with the Kansas protesters spitting nasty epithets at passers by, and the anti-protesters smiling serenely back and holding a bake sale! All the food we harvested—and there was a lot—went to the Bethany Soup Kitchen, which really appreciated every beet, carrot and bean.

Cabbage – 8 lbs – 4 oz
Carrots – 5 lbs – 4.5 oz
Beans – 3 lbs – 14 oz
Beets – 27 lbs
Kale – 5 lbs – 12.25 oz

More kale, collards, broccoli, lettuce, beets and spinach were planted."

Is this an idea that could be planted for the Hawaii State Capitol ?

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