Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Agriculture Layoffs Will Impact Hawaii Exports

The House Agriculture Committee will hold a second informational briefing on the impact of potential layoffs for agricultural inspectors. Tomorrow, Ag Chair Rep. Clift Tsuji will focus on Hawaii's wide range of exports. You can see it live on Olelo, Ch. 49.

WHAT: The House Agriculture Committee will hold a meeting to gather information on the negative impact of potential agriculture inspector layoffs on Hawaii’s export industry, including plants, tropical flowers, tropical fruits/papaya, macadamia nuts, coffee, and more.

WHEN: Thursday, September 10, 2009
1:00 p.m.

WHERE: State Capitol, Conference Room 325

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Manawai said...

The Legislature, as well as all other branches of our state government, needs to learn to do what private business does. This is to, "Do more with less." Because government is inherently non-competitive, it usually doesn't need to be efficient. Where are the tests measuring efficiency and productivity in government? There aren't any because there is no alternative to government and one can't have two competing governments. So government spends (at least) all the revenue it gets from us taxpayers. But now with tax revenues falling and accumulative tax rates the highest in the nation, Hawaii is stuck doing what it has never tried to do before. Doing more with less. Our current economic situation is the true test of just how good our Legislators and state leadership are. In my view there is only one person who is standing up to the challenge: Governor Linda Lingle.