Monday, January 26, 2009

"The Ledge" on YouTube

Each Friday staff from Representative Hermina Morita's office will post to YouTube a new episode of "The Ledge," a video series that will focus on what has happened throughout the week at the Hawaii State Capitol during the 2009 Legislative Session.

Joel Guy, a filmmaker from Kauai’s North Shore who is active in conservation and the perpetuation of Hawaiian culture, joined Morita's office staff this year as a session worker and will film, produce and direct the episodes.

Thus far, three videos have been posted to the YouTube website.

Here's this past Friday's episode, which looks at Opening Day of the 25th Legislature:

Visit the website weekly! We will also post episodes to the House Blog as they are released.


Anonymous said...

Nice job--look forward to the next episode...

Anonymous said...

Looks good.
Should use a mic on the reps. the background noise makes it hard to hear what people are saying.