Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jingle Bills

Thelma and I did up some tongue-in-cheek Christmas carol lyrics for the House Christmas Party yesterday. Here's a sample.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

JINGLE BILLS (to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Dashing to the beach, with a surfboard on his truck
Looking for the Finance Chair? Shoots, you’re out of luck!
Even though we’re poor, he’s making spirits bright
He’s on the corner ringing bells, for your loose change tonight.

Jingle bills, Jingle bills, send to Speaker Say
Even though, he might say “no”, file them anyway.
Jingle bills, jingle bills, how many bills will fly?
Just don’t ask for money, or in Finance they will die.

Now the pressure’s on. What we gonna do?
Gotta make majority package sound like something new.
Bills for every cause, beneath the Christmas tree
And if that fails, just say this word: sustainability.

Jingle bills, Jingle bills, send to Speaker Say
Oh what fun it is to draft throughout the night and day
Jingle bills, Jingle bills, hope is in the air
Tis the season to be glad, unless you are a Chair.

1 comment:

FranMag said...

Very clever lyrics. Some of it sounds quite realistic and not quite "tongue in cheek" though. :-)