Thursday, October 16, 2008

Make it Easy

When Chris Brogan speaks, people in the social media universe listen. So, today, when he posted on his experience postponing his jury duty on the Massachusetts Court system website, I suspect that the ripplings and reverberations have already rocked a few boats.

Brogan was scheduled to be in Canada on the day he was also supposed to report for jury duty. The Massachusetts courts have a website where jurors can log in and postpone their duty for any reason. Brogan reports that it took less than 3 minutes to postpone his date, and that by checking a box, the government accepted it as his electronic signature. How easy is that?

The point? Good businesses make it easy for their customers to do business with them. If your business makes it harder than what government is able to do, you'd better stop and think about this.

Brogan's parting line? "If the government COURT SYSTEM can accept a checkbox as an electronic signature, then you should be able to, as well.

Just thinking, while I wait for a few more shoes to fall."

He's good.

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