Friday, October 24, 2008

"Aquarius" Restoration

Arguably, one of the best known art works in the state, "Aquarius", by artist Tadashi Sato, is undergoing a complete restoration. The mosaic is located in the middle of the State Capitol Rotunda. Learn more about the history of "Aquarius" and Tadashi Sato in our previous post.

The work, which began last week, is scheduled for completion in July 2009. It includes installing a new drainage system and recreating the art work with new glass mosaic tiles from Germany. Here is the schedule provided by the Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS). Note that the construction will be on hiatus while the tiles are being prepared and shipped to Hawaii, and that period coincides with the legislative session from January to May 2009.

October 2008
Mobilization of temporary facilities
Saw Cut concrete underlayment

November 2008
Selective demolition/cleaning
Plumbing works
Installation of access door
Patching and painting of ceiling
Templates cut and shipping to Germany

December 2008
Install deck drains
Installation of new sloped drain
Waterproofing works/sealant
Installation of mortar boards

February 2009
Preparation glass mosaic shipping to Hawaii

March 2009
Shipping glass mosaic to Hawaii

June 2009
Preparation of glass mosaic tiles
Installation of mosaid tiles
Installation of pedestrian control
Install signs

July 2009
Job Completed

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