Friday, July 18, 2008

Good news for Hawaii farmers

From the office of Congresswoman Mazie Hirono comes the news that Hawaii farmers will be eligible for disaster relief under the recently passed 2008 Farm Bill, including farmers hard hit by VOG. It does involve paying to the USDA Farm Service Agency a "buy in" fee ranging from $0-900, depending on the farmers circumstances.
Rep. Bob Herkes, chair of the House Special Committe on Vog Effects, helped brief Hirono on the impacts of VOG on Big Island farming and agriculture, noting: "The protea and cut flower growers in Ocean View and Wood Valley in particular have been hard hit and this financial relief is especially welcome and timely."
Contact the local Farm Service Agency Office for more information:
Hawaii County FSA, 933-8381; Kauai County FSA, 245-9014; Honolulu Country FSA, 483-8600; or Maui Country FSA, 871-5500.

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