Monday, July 28, 2008

Families who lost health coverage due to business closures may be eligible for Keiki Care program

Starting August 1, 2008, the Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) will begin enrolling children from families affected by Hawaii business closures, and who have no other health insurance coverage, under the existing Keiki Care Plan. The coverage will be effective through the end of this year.

In response to several high profile business closures around the state, such as Aloha Airlines, ATA, and Molokai Ranch, the state legislature passed legislation this year, SB69 (which became law as Act 239 without the Governor's signature.) The bill temporarily expands eligibility for the children's health care program to assist children of workers employed by a Hawaii‑based corporation which filed for bankruptcy and ceased doing business in Hawaii between February 29, 2008 and September 30, 2008 or only ceased doing business in Hawaii during that time period.

The Keiki Care Plan was originally created by the legislature in 2007, and it provides basic health coverage for children between the ages of 31 days to 18 years who come from families at around 300% of the federal poverty level but do not qualify for other state or federal health programs – essentially a gap group. The premiums are paid by and split between HMSA and the State of Hawaii.

Parents and guardians should contact HMSA for information on enrollment. On Oahu, the number to call is 948-5555. Neighbor island residents may call toll-free by dialing 800-620-4672.

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