Tuesday, January 22, 2008

House Heritage Caucus introduces historic preservation bills

There are only 10 remaining grand Buddhist Temples featuring traditional Japanese architecture in Hawaii, and as the sun sets and rises each day, their traditional designs and intricate ornamentation will decay with little or no notice -- until it's too late.

This is only one of the preservation issues that is included in the Heritage Caucus 2008 legislative package.

The bipartisan Heritage Caucus, headed by Rep. Cindy Evans D7 (North Kona, South Kohala) and Rep. Corinne Ching D27 (Nuuanu, Puunui, Liliha and Alewa Heights) has introduced over 20 bills relating to identifying and protecting historic buildings, sites and other areas throughout the state.

And one of those bills includes appropriating funds to help refurbish historic Japanese-style Buddhist Temples in Hawaii (HB#2489). Read about the remaining temples here and past efforts to preserve their cultural elegance and deep-rooted history.

The Heritage Caucus package also includes:

HB # 2534 - A bill to receive a portion of the Transient Accommodation Tax revenue for the Hawaii Preservation Fund.

HB # 2487 - A bill to establish a formal cultural heritage area around the State capitol.

HB # 2536 - A bill to establish The Hawaii Heritage Taskforce with a mission to recognize and protect sites and buildings important to Hawaii's history.

The Heritage Caucus is preparing for a "Preservation Awareness Day" on March, 5, 2008 at the State Capitol with exhibits, presentations and special speakers.

If your organization would like to participate, pleas contact Rep. Cindy Evans office at 586-8510 or fax at 586-8514.

Photo: Preservation Awareness Day 2007

Download Heritage Caucus Package News Release HERE.

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