Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Show 'n Tell with Rep. Cindy Evans

Representative Cindy Evans shares her favorite Christmas memories, family traditions and thoughts on Santa! Each day until Christmas Day a new Representative will be featured on Christmas Show 'n Tell.

Hawaii House Blog: What is the most memorable Christmas gift you have received?

Rep. Evans: I always remember a pencil given to me by my grandmother (mother's mom), who had ten children and lots of grandchildren. I felt very special because she remembered me.

HHB: How does your family spend Christmas? Any traditions?

R.E.: These past eight years I've gotten into the habit of baking scallops and shrimp with butter and garlic, and serving it with beef. You can always hear Christmas music in my house during December. On Christmas Day, I especially like to listen to country and western musicians playing Christmas music.

HHB: If Santa were real, what would he say to you?

R.E.: Freedom to choose is priceless.
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Check back tomorrow for responses from Rep. Marilyn Lee!

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