Friday, December 14, 2007

Broadband Task Force to Request More Funds

After a presentation by Connected Nation, the Broadband Task Force decided yesterday to propose an appropriation of state funds to conduct more detailed research and mapping efforts of broadband usage, availability and deployment in Hawaii communities.

Connected Nation is a national non-profit organization that has a three-state track record of increasing broadband availability and creating demand for new-age technology.

The organization uses grassroots and localized efforts to form a comprehensive broad band network.

The first step would be to measure the availability, use and need of broadband. One way that they accomplish this is by building coalitions with private sectors who agree to provide their deployment data. Because private sectors would be hesitant to provide data that could be shared with competing companies, Connected Nation is able to promise them a non-disclosure agreement that preserves the intent of their business plans.

In past initiatives, private sectors have provided 20 percent of funding while the state provided 80 percent.

Connected Nation's intelligent marketing services include maps, survey data, and grassroots demand aggregation that provide a detailed picture of where broadband service is needed. Once areas of need are determined, the next steps would be determining why households are not connected, influencing the community of its relevance and providing broadband to them.

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