Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hawaii Dead Last in Technology Exports

That's what Bill Spencer, Hawaii Venture Capital Association, claims in a scathing letter to the editor in today's Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Spencer accuses Economic Development Director Ted Liu of painting a rosy picture of Hawaii's economy tied to what he calls "status quo" industries such as tourism and construction, and blasts the Governor's "lack of commitment" in developing an innovation economy. (In all fairness, it seemed that the administration went into a full court press on innovation during most of the session - hardly what you would call lack of commitment.) Spencer makes an interesting point, though, on Hawaii's ranking compared to other states. Can we really be dead last, behind Puerto Rico (gasp!) in technology exports?

Not to worry. According to House sources, Hawaii ranks #1 in citizen longevity, lowest depression level (tied with New Jersey), access to healthcare, and most disciplined flossers. When the question was asked how one would go about measuring dental floss discipline, another source answered... oral exams.


Anonymous said...

Even if Ted Liu and the Governor did push for "innovation" during the session, you're probably not going to hear a peep from them about it next year. As in the past, they'll roll out some shiny new buzzwords and forget about last year's models. Then that lack of commitment Spencer refers to will become painfully evident.

Anonymous said...

Spencer mentions Senate Bill 1922 in his letter. Have you seen the Talk Stink blog post on Chris Lee's letter and SB 1922? It's quite revealing.