Wednesday, August 8, 2007

LWV wants to cut LG Aiona out of PSA's

Daryl Huff at KITV filed a story yesterday that the League of Women Voters is calling for L.G. Duke Aiona to step down from his spokesman role in public service announcements. Rep. Marcus Oshiro, who introduced the law prohibiting candidates from appearing in psa's while they are running for office wrote about the issue here and in letters to the editor in June. The loophole is that the candidate doesn't have to stop the appearances until he/she files to run. Even though he is raising funds and has announced his candidacy, it is not likely that the LG will file until 2010 allowing him 3 more years to promote his image to the voting public using taxpayer dollars. The LWV believes he is violating the spirit, if not the letter, of the law. Should the legislature amend the law?


Anonymous said...

Intent of the law seems clear to me, and I'm sure it's clear to Duke and his advisors, too. I find his exploitation of a loophole incredibly disingenuous for someone part of the "New Beginning."

Absolutely we should amend the law. It's just too bad we have to.

Just another case of someone spoiling it for everybody.

Anonymous said...

It's not like there aren't a whole lot of other people who could do this job (the public service announcements, not the lt. gov.). The fact that they are so insistent on leaving him in makes it seem even more a misuse of the office.