Thursday, August 9, 2007

Clinton vs. Romney?

Today is the last day of the National Conference of State Legislatures conference in Boston, and participants voted in a straw poll for president. Here are the results:

30.92 Hillary Clinton
25.72 John Edwards
20.23 Barack Obama
10.40 Bill Richardson
6.65 Joe Biden
2.60 Chris Dodd
2.02 Dennis Kucinich
1.17 Al Gore (write-in)

35.85 Mitt Romney
22.63 Fred Thompson
15.62 Rudy Giuliani
8.18 Mike Huckabee
8.18 John McCain
3.14 Ron Paul
2.52 Sam Brownback
1.26 Tommy Thompson
1.26 Newt Gingrich (write-in)
.63 Duncan Hunter
.63 Tom Tancredo

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Wonder if this is a surprise to the Obama camp.