Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kauai case to be featured on "Dateline NBC"

Photo: Henry Calucag on "America's Most Wanted"

The Kauai Garden Island published a story today announcing that the case of murder and identity theft victim John Elwin will be featured on Dateline NBC this coming Monday night. The story received national attention last fall on America's Most Wanted. Henry Calucag, aka Hank Jacinto, was found guilty of fraud, forgery and identity theft in June '07 and is now behind bars awaiting sentencing on August 29. He and John Elwin took a trip to the Philippines in 2006, where Calucag stole property from Elwin valued at over $245,000. Elwin was later found shot to death.

The case was close to home for Kauai Rep. James Kunane Tokioka. His resolution, HR198 , was inspired by the Elwin case and requests the Attorney General and the Identity Theft Task Force to look into ways to improve the process of notarizing documents in order to reduce ID theft cases.

Since Calucag was convicted, Honolulu police have re-opened two other unresolved, separate cases where he is suspected of stealing property from two men, Arthur Young and Douglas Ho, who later disappeared.

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