Friday, February 3, 2012

George Greene to Appear on Kukui Connection

On the next edition of Kukui Connection, Rep. Marilyn Lee welcomes Healthcare Association of Hawaii President and CEO George Greene. Originally from South Carolina, Mr. Greene has been in Hawai'i representing the HAH for the last 3 years. Mr Greene gives poignant insight into the healthcare industry, which is extremely valuable now with the increase in healthcare costs looming over the state.

Mr. Greene makes it clear that the biggest problem facing the healthcare industry in Hawaii is reimbursement, particularly with Medicare and Medicaid. He goes on to assure the public that while the closing of both Hawaii Medical Center facilities has put a strain on the system (particularly concerning organ transplants), there is still adequate healthcare coverage for the state. Rep. Lee and Mr. Greene take time to discuss our having a shortage of experienced nurses while having a surplus of recent nursing degree graduates with no experience and offer a glimpse of what the future may hold when it comes to staffing nurses.

You can find out more information about the HAH, as well as what legislation they endorse for this session, on their website, The episode airs on 'Olelo 54 tonight, Friday, February 3rd at 8:30pm and will be rebroadcast on Sunday, February 5 and Sunday, February 12 at 4pm. 

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