Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hawaii legislators seek feedback from the homeless

Reps. Tom Brower, John Mizuno and Sen. Will Espero met face-to-face with homeless camping out on the sidewalks across the street from Aala Park. The lawmakers hoped to get feedback on possible solutions.

One homeless woman didn't comment on possible solutions, including safe zone parks and Housing First, but she did opine on how some homeless feel the government treats them. "You know when you try to flush something down the toilet that doesn't belong there it comes back up and you gotta call somebody and you keep trying to snake it down it's still gonna come back up it's just, not to compare us with waste but that seems to be what they think we are waste," said Lisa Beth Roberts.

Here's a link to the KHON2 news story that ran last night:

Hawaii legislators seek feedback from the homeless

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