Friday, August 13, 2010

Gov. Lingle playing politics with federal spending bill

"Gov. Linda Lingle's criticism of the emergency $26 billion jobs bill signed by President Barack Obama on Tuesday is a sad statement that puts her political agenda above helping Hawaii's residents.

First, the bill will support classroom education in Hawaii. We always talk about the importance of education, and when we are being given funds to build and improve education, the governor responds with unproductive criticisms.

Second, we are getting necessary funds to improve access to provide basic health care for low-income and disabled residents.

Third, the bill injects money from out of state into our local economy.

Last, the bill is deficit neutral. Congress made difficult decisions to cut money from other programs to fund this bill.

Gov. Lingle talks about the need to tackle the federal deficit, but she does nothing to urge Congress to rescind the Bush tax cuts for the most wealthy upper 2 or 3 percent of income earners.

The economic recovery and job growth remain fragile. Continuation will require responsible, reliable and effective leadership that seeks positive, balanced solutions."

Rep. Calvin Say, speaker of the House
Rep. Blake Oshiro, House majority leader
Rep. Marcus Oshiro, House finance chairman

This letter was printed in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser 8-13-10

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