Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Law Protects Emergency Healthcare Workers from Violence

Governor Lingle today signed into a law a bill that extends the protection of emergency medical service and health care personnel from violence, including assault and terroristic threatening.

House Bill 2349, introduced by Rep. Ryan Yamane (District 37 – Waipio Gentry, Mililani), protects Hawaii’s health care providers while they serve the people of the State of Hawaii. The bill expands the class of emergency services providers protected against assault and terroristic threatening by including physicians, physician's assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, respiratory therapists, laboratory technicians, radiology technicians, and social workers providing services in the emergency room of a hospital.

“Emergency room services provided by a range of workers in the ER are vital to our health care system in Hawaii,” said Rep. Yamane, chair of the House Committee on Health. “By protecting our emergency room personnel from violent acts we can ensure a safer environment for our health care workers and their patients during their greatest time of need.”

The new law goes into effect immediately.

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