Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The end of furlough fridays

Rep. Tom Brower took this photo of Speaker Calvin Say addressing the media and audience during the press conference to announce the end of teacher furloughs. The Governor outlined a 4 part plan:

1. Use of SB2124 passed by the Legislature to use the Hurricane Relief Fund. She plans to release $57.2 million of the $67 million appropriated.

2. Use of federal ARRA funds, $2.2 million, for charter school furloughs.

3. Teachers agreed to give up 6 planning days.

4. Banking community agreed to authorize a $10 million line of credit, interest free, if needed.

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Doug said...

The "line of credit" tactic is certainly novel, but is it truly allowed by the State Constitution? I am not a lawyer, but as I read it Article 7 says that "bonds" (the definition of which is broad and would encompass any form of debt) may only be authorized for issue by the Lege.

So, what's the scoops?