Monday, March 1, 2010

20 for the Next 20

Hawaii Business Magazine named Rep. Marcus Oshiro as one of "20 for the Next 20" - that is, 20 Hawaii leaders to watch for the next 20 years.

Here is what they had to say:
"It is often said that the most powerful legislators are those running the money committees – Ways and Means in the state Senate and Finance in the House. That alone makes Marcus Oshiro someone to be reckoned with.

As finance chairman, Oshiro effectively decides how the money is collected and where it goes – not a happy job these days.

But Oshiro is up to it. Maybe even born for it. His father is the late,
legendary Robert Oshiro, also an attorney and legislator whose true claim to fame was his work as a grassroots organizer of many key Democratic political campaigns.

The younger Oshiro (born in the statehood year of 1959) has played a less prominent role in the party. But as a legislator since 1994, he’s been a consistent voice for core Democratic values, and particularly outspoken as a counter-voice to Republican Gov. Linda Lingle.

Lowell Kalapa, president of the Tax Foundation of Hawaii, has appeared before Oshiro and his committee more times than he can count.

“Unlike some of his colleagues, he does his homework,” says Kalapa.

Kalapa contends Oshiro combines social conscience with his father’s drive and a pragmatic recognition of changing political realities. “He is a breath of fresh air,” Kalapa said.

Oshiro disavows ambition beyond his district and legislative duties. But
many believe he is destined for an even more powerful leadership
position in the Legislature when the time is right."

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