Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Capitol Ghost Stories: Governor Burns' Cigar Smoke

Submitted by Malia:
So, I'm too young (cough! cough!) to have been there for his admin, but I was told that Governor Burns smoked cigars in his office. Theres a 4th floor conference room - the one near the makai elevators - that used to be office space for WAM, then Consumer, then..i dunno....thats right under where his office [was] I worked in there when I was with WAM.

I was told that the ghost of Governor Burns often returned to the Governor's Office and that an otherwise inexplicable smell of cigar smoke let you know he was there. One night, like 2am, I was in my office with my coworker - and you know at 3am, there's no one left but WAM and FIN - when all of a sudden the entire office reeked of cigar smoke. We went outside - no one. We called the Sheriff to check if anyone was upstairs - no one. We were FREAKED! EEEEEEK!

Note by Georgette: This sounds like Room 414. If so, this room has a history of "activity". A reader submitted a ghost story last year on this room, which is currently occupied by the Olelo Mini-studio.


Unknown said...

In the beginning years at the Capitol - the Senate President had 2 offices.
The office off the Senate Chamber was used during Session when the President's staff was bigger for session time.
The second office was used all year around and was on the 4th floor at the end of the little corridor near 414.
This was when Sen. David C. McClung was President. True that Gov. Burns smoked cigars as did many of his cabinet members :)

Unknown said...

I worked in the Lt. Gov's office and often smelt the cigar smoke and even felt the Spirit touch my hair, in a playful manner. Nothing scary just eerie...