Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Capitol Ghost Stories 2008 - Ghost in Room 414

This ghost story was submitted by Stephanie - a former legislative staffer:

My first year at the capitol, I worked for the Consumer Protection committee in the Senate, for Senator Kanno.

Our committee room was room 414 (I think that was the room's a Senate conference room now.) The room was configured really weird - there were all these bookshelves and high cubicles.

In the back of the room, there was this one little cubicle in the corner with a computer in it. The staff usually worked in the front cubes, or in the back where there was a little conference room where we used to collate.

There weren't many staffers, so a lot of the time people would be in there by themselves. Everyone who worked in that room said they'd hear the chair roll around or typing on the keyboard coming from the back cubicle, but there would be no one there. It would happen at least once or twice a week, but only when there was someone in there alone.

I swear....whenever you were in that room alone, you would just feel like there was someone in there with you! Then, the chair would roll or the typing would start...but there'd be no one in that cubicle!

I think after that year the room was changed. I know sometime after that it became a media room. Don't know if anything else ever happened to others who worked in there after us.

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