Saturday, May 2, 2009

Session Extended

The session will be extended by two days. Wednesday, May 6th, which was originally a recess day, will now be counted as a session day. Friday, May 8th has been added as another session day. The 2009 legislative session will now be 62 days long instead of 60. Adjournment sine die is now on Friday, May 8th.

The purpose for the extension is to consider any vetoes by the Governor for override. In focus are the tax revenue bills that are essential to balancing the state budget bill. Six of those bills were passed out of conference two weeks ago today, and voted on final reading on Wednesday, April 22nd. Had the legislature adjourned on May 7th, there would not be 10 session days remaining. With the extension, the Governor must veto the bills within the 10 day review period, sign them, or allow them to pass into law.

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