Friday, May 1, 2009

Rep. Tom Brower got skillz

Rep. Tom Brower gave a "rap invocation" before the start of yesterday's session to sum up and remind everyone of the events of the 2009 Legislative Session. Embedded within his rhythmic rhyme and reason were hilarious - and sometimes odd - interjections of cute commercial phrases, lyrics to popular songs, band names and other notable situations from this past year. What can I say? The lawmaker got skillz in the rap department yo.

Follow the link to Rep. Brower's YouTube page to view the clip of his rap invocation.

Please bow your heads…

Shark Tours
Penny Wars
Peace Corp.
Target Store,
Eye Sore,
Media Whore

Dead bodies on display
Homeless campers on their way

Statehood for 50 years
Hawaiian Airlines campaign smears

Committee rooms, cold as blizzard
Rep. Takai in the desert

Green Harvest
Tattoo Artist

Aspartame- state insect
Electronic waste
Gut and replace

UH Cheerleaders
Life-Saving Defibrillators
Don’t be a hater
Praise our savior
Cayetano's memoir

Obama's apartment
Don't get me started

Restoration rotunda
Wahiawa's Bobby Bunda

Public unions
Religious communion
Civil union-
Laying on the Senate Floor,
House Bill 4-44

Shoreline setbacks
A Councilmember said, "Wetbacks"

Gimme back that fillet of fish
Tax Relief
Amicus brief

Vigil by candlelight
Silent march thru the night
Domestic violence
Common Sense

Mele Carroll, Ceded lands
Hanabusa's pit bull ban
Taliban - Cell Phone Ban
Filipino Manahan

Speaker's Opening Day speech
Cigarettes on Waikiki beach

Tax day tea party

Healthy start
Capitol Art
Noisy Hearing Cart

The Pork Report
Word Salad
Pro Bowl
Honey bee
Fashion statement
Magic mint
Coffee, tea or Chris Lee?

Ruling on a potential conflict
Politics is art, not science
Hawaii's Smokers' Alliance

Indecent Exposure

Food Bank Fundraisers
Pay raise, legislators

Earth Day - HSTA
DOE - Hepatitis B

Water Boarding
Animal Hoarding

Chinatown shooters
Yo Scooters

Pay your taxes
Raise your glasses…

Cigar- size matters

Karen's Law
Joe the builder
Terry Kaide
God Almighty

Tax increase - consequence
Recreational renaissance

Federal stimulus
Ignorance-- is bliss
Gimme what's mine
Imaginary crime

Social Aggression
Economic recession

State Departments
Balanced budget?
Far from it

Public funding
Second coming

Miracle on the Hudson

Pop culture
Peace sculpture

Medal of Honor
Fallen soldier

Casino gambling
Won't be happening

Abandoned Vehicles
Meals on Wheels

Tobacco Fund raid

“Apple bottom jeans”
Pregnant teens
Safe sex
Try abstinence

Moratorium on kalo
Greens from 'Nalo

Shaka, brah
Akaka's law

Ocean pirates
Computer geeks

News Clips
Green slips

House Blog
Coqui Frogs
Hilo Vog
Drug sniffing dog

Octo Mom
Bible Psalm

Single mothers
Jonas Brothers

Rachel Maddow
Peace Day shadow

Economy slowing

Depleted ozone
Foreign trade zone

Cancer remission

Genetic counselors
Marilyn hollers
"Five dollars!"

Human rights
Turn off the lights

Rock the Vote
Big Square Building
Legislators, Are Ya Listening?

Another rapping invocation To start tonight's debate
As the 51 of us do work for the Aloha State

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Doug said...

Well, it's not for me, but I'll allow that Brower's rap is marginally better than former Rep. Mike Kahikina's guitar serenades...