Friday, June 13, 2008

Preventing senseless deaths with 2 new laws

Two very important bills were just signed into law today by the Governor. Both bills strive to prevent senseless deaths and keep Hawaii residents safe.

The first law, known widely as the Ignition Interlock Bill during the legislative session, will establish a task force to make recommendations to the Legislature on issues pertaining to administration and implementation of the ignition interlock. The law allows Hawaii judges to use ignition interlock installation as a DUI sentencing tool. The offender would have to pay the installation fee of about $75 and a monthly charge for data collection of about $75. Rep. Sharon Har, the lawmaker who introduced the bill, said in a recent news article that the task force will look into establishing an indigent funds for those offenders who cannot afford the devise. Kekai Seabury, a Kauai resident whose father died after being hit by a drunk driver, received an honorary copy of the signed bill.
The second law makes it a violation to to leave an unattended child in a vehicle for more than 5 minutes and require that people know about the law to pass the state driver's license test. Rep. Marilyn Lee made adding this violation to our law books a priority this legislative session and she was instrumental in working with concerned organizations and lawmakers to develop a strong bill to pass out of the legislature. Deona Ryan, a mother who lost her child after a nanny left the infant in the car to go shopping, received an honorary copy of the signed bill for her efforts and support of the initiative.
Photo (Top L-R): Arkie Koehl, Chairman of Public Policy MADD Hawaii; Rep. Sharon Har; Governor Linda Lingle; Kekai Sebury; Carol McNamee, Founder MADD Hawaii
Photo (Bottom L-R): Deona Ryan; Rep. Marilyn Lee


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