Monday, June 16, 2008

Mizuno urges Kalihi residents to join Neighborhood Watch

Rep. John Mizuno asked Kalihi residents to join the Community Neighborhood Security Watch Program in a letter that was printed in the Star Bulletin on June 13. Mizuno and many of his constituents held a press conference Thursday in reaction to the vandalism and assaults that occurred on Monday. Approximately 50 teenage boys from nearby housing projects rampaged through Hauiki Street, damaging cars parked on the streets with bats, pipes and two-by-fours, and attacking two residents who tried to stop them.

In the letter below you will find contact information for joining the neighborhood watch safety tips.

I respectfully ask that you sign up and become part of our Community Neighborhood Security Watch Program. Together we will make our community safe and we will provide protection for each other.

As you are aware, on Monday night, June 9, 2008, a large violent group of teens wielding bats, metal pipes and two-by-fours walked along Hauiki Street and damaged seven (7) cars and physically attacked a 32-year old man and his 27 year old sister. We must act now to stop any further acts of violence in our community.

Please call my office at 586-6050 and ask for May, the Office Manager, and inform her that you want to sign up to be part of the neighborhood watch program in Kalihi. We will need your name, phone number and address.

Please remember these safety tips:

1. Residents need to anticipate that they can be victims anytime – anywhere.

2. Residents need to develop a plan of action to defend against the current wave of violence.

3. Residents may carry whistles and pepper spray and should have it in reach especially during the evening.

4. Well lighted areas help to reduce criminal activity.

5. A digital camera or video camera ready to capture footage of vandalism and assaults is an excellent device to secure evidence against such criminal activity.

6. Always call 911 – whenever you notice possible criminal activity, vandalism, or fights.

Finally – please join our Neighborhood Security Watch group which will provide residents with the following:

A. Increase public education concerning the recent acts of violence and a plan to work effective preventive measures to improve residential security.

B. Coordinate a campaign to increase community awareness of the current crime wave and work on solutions for personal protection and property protection.

C. Follow through with the implementation of the Neighborhood Security Watch Program. A class with the Honolulu Police Department will be scheduled as our introduction to the Neighborhood Security Watch Program as soon as we notify HPD that we have obtained our group.

I ask you and your family to join us - your community; to defend against these acts of violence and to bring security and safety back to our community.

According to HPD they have on file five (5) reported Criminal Property Damage cases on vehicles (nine is the actual number) for the Monday night, June 9, 2008, incident. There was one juvenile arrested on Monday night currently the case is pending – whether the suspect is related to the group of teenagers which damaged the property and assaulted to residents on Monday night.


davekozuki said...

Can you let us know the contact information on the Kalihi Neighborhood Watch?

Here's the online Nuuanu Neighborhood Watch site:

Hawaii House Blog - GD said...

Hi Dave,

The Kalihi Neighborhood Watch is being set up now. Per Rep. Mizuno's suggestion, you should call his office at 586-6050, and speak to May, the office manager. She should be able to provide the latest information and, if you are so inclined, sign you up.


Keoni Maemori said...

Any word on the neighborhood watch in kalihi? last post was from 2008

Anonymous said...

Hi Keoni,

Please contact Rep. Mizuno's office for more information. He can be reached by phone at 586-6050.