Thursday, May 1, 2008


At the end of session tonight Speaker Calvin Say thanked and congratulated all House members, staff, session workers and the public for their various efforts in collecting food and money for the Hawaii FoodBank.

Almost everyday this session you could find an office that was selling something that could be added to your calorie count - all in the name of benefiting the FoodBank, of course -- from Coke floats, ice cream sundaes and glazed donuts to fresh produce, musubi, soup and pickled mango.

Despite collecting less than last year's 5,656 lbs of canned goods (only 400 lbs worth), the House surpassed last year's cash total of $6,854. Seriously. I'm not talking $1,000 more or even $2,000. I'm talking exceeding all expectations. I'm talking a ridiculously large chunk of change here.

So, you wanna know?

The House will write a fat check for the Hawaii FoodBank in the amount $16,000. That's $6,000 more than the internal goal of $10,000. The Senate collected $11,900.
Photo: Jake Silva and Jon Shitabata of the Sergeant at Arms office help load the 400 lbs of canned goods collected for the Hawaii FoodBank.


Anonymous said...

What about other worthy non-profits?

Anonymous said...

isn't this an ethics violation to use state time and state property to solicit for a non profit. At other state offices, this would not be permitted.

Hawaii House Blog - GD said...

Anonymous #2, thanks for your comment. I'll inquire about the ethics issue, but I do seem to recall that every state agency participates in the Aloha United Way drive.

Hawaii House Blog - GD said...

Anonymous #2: Per the House Chief Clerk, the Hawaii Foodbank drive is a State initiative. In fact the Governor sends a note out in all State employee paychecks or pay stubs endorsing the food drive and monetary campaign--that's why we participate--it's a State endorsed undertaking. Every State department/agency sends a representative to a couple of meetings on State time for logistics--setting up an accounting system for the money, where to take the money for deposit, etc.. If there's a complaint, the complaint should be directed to the Governor's Office.