Monday, April 14, 2008

Lawmakers to honor Aloha employees

Aloha Airlines and its employees will be honored tomorrow during a special reception in the Capitol Rotunda at 4 p.m. Lawmakers will recognize the airline's 61 years of service to the islands.

"I think the people of Hawaii want a chance to show their appreciation and fondest farewell to the workers of Aloha Airlines," added Rep. Joe Bertram. "I don't think a letter to the newspaper editor can truly express our gratitude to Aloha Airlines for the 61 years of service they provided the people of Hawaii."

Aloha was the tenth largest employer statewide and in the wake of one of the worst mass layoffs in Hawaii, over 1,900 employees lost their jobs.

State Representatives Karen Awana, Joe Bertram and John Mizuno joined together to bring employees and family members together to show Hawaii's deepest appreciation and fondest aloha for their dedication to excellent service. Guests will be provided with ono refreshments and enjoyable entertainment.

"I think the Capitol provides us with a venue for the people of Hawaii to truly express their 'mahalo and aloha' to a part of our 'ohana, to a part of history, and to a beloved company," said Rep. John Mizuno.

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