Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Charter Schools funding

Rep. Joe Bertram (D11 - Makena, Wailea, Kihei) and charter school children

Charter school children visited the State Capitol today for a rally to advocate for increased funding from the Legislature. While no one disputes the value of charter schools in our community, lawmakers responded that money is tight. Most state agencies will see a reduction in their general fund budgets. In fact, the charter schools are one of the few entities that may get more money this fiscal year than they did last year.

In FY08, charter schools received $51,635,990. The House and Senate have both budgeted an increase to $56,150,695.

Charter schools project an enrollment increase and estimate that they will require an increase of around $19 million, as opposed to the Legislature's increase of $4,514,000. It should be noted that regular schools will be taking a reduction in funds of $8,455,255 in the House draft and $7,328,346 in the Senate draft.

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Anonymous said...

What needs to be understood is that there is a significant increase in the number of charter school students this upcoming year. That is the increase in funds. These students are leaving the regular DOE schools, so it makes sense that there would be a transfer of funds to fund these same public school students. Charter schools receive approximately 4000.00 less per student than regular public school students. Charter schools are also responsible for renting/leasing facilites out of this reduced per student budget. This is something that the regular public schools do not have to include in their budget. Who suffers is the children. Why would a child be worth less attending a charter school than a public school? Keep the focus on the children.