Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Amazing Brian Kajiyama

Brian Kajiyama, the Graduate Assistant for the University of Hawaii Warrior Football team, got a standing ovation on the House Floor on Friday, March 28th. As we listened to his accomplishments, including being a key strategist for the UH Warriors, it became apparent that we were in the presence of an amazing young man who has not let his significant disabilities prevent him from living a full life.

Yes, Brian was born with cerebral palsy. He lives in Kailua, and as luck would have it, a few houses away from neighbor Jeff Rheinbold, a defensive coach for the UH Warriors. Rheinbold recognized Brian's intelligence, his gift with computers, and his big heart. He offered Brian a postion on the Warrior's staff, and the rest is history. Brian has shown that he's a winner.

Left to right: Grandpa Kajiyama, Parents Grace and Bert Kajiyama and Kailua Rep. Pono Chong, surround Brian with his certificate.

Wait, there's more. He also loves movies, books, music, and he's a blogger! Check out his blog here, called Brian's Ramblings, and you'll find that he's 31, lives in Kailua, his favorite movie is "Something About Mary", his favorite book is "Letters from a Nut", and he likes the Black Eyed Peas and Jack Johnson. On his blog, you'll also see a video on Brian and his important role with the UH Warrior team.

The resolution was offered by Rep. Gene Ward, and seconded by Rep. John Mizuno.

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