Saturday, March 29, 2008

Aloha Airlines Bills

Here are the bills related to assisting Aloha Airlines through its bankruptcy proceedings. As Speaker of the House Calvin Say told employees at the rally on Friday, we must wait until Monday, when the case goes before Judge King in bankruptcy court, before we know where things really stand. However, the legislature is poised to help and, thus far, is looking at these two bills:

HB2860, HD2, SD3. This bill exempts the general excise and use taxes on fuel sold from a foreign-trade zone to common carriers for use in interisland air transportation. It was introduced by Rep. Joe Souki, House Transportation Chair. It has passed the House and will be up for third reading in the Senate on Monday 3/31. It will then go to conference.

HB509, Proposed SD2. Relating to Transportation. This is a loan guarantee bill. It proposes to allows the Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism (DBEDT) to guarantee up to 90% of the principal balance of a loan made by a private lending institution to a Hawaii air carrier; provided that the aggregate amount of the State's liability shall not exceed $ . Repealed on 06/30/2018.

The bill was introduced last year by Rep. Joe Souki as a short form bill.

This is what it looked like as a House Draft 1: Prohibits a towing company from charging the owner of a vehicle targeted for towing if the owner of the vehicle appears on the scene before the vehicle has been moved by the tow truck.

In its latest incarnation as a Senate Draft 1, it morphed into a bill to authorize the Department of Transporation to collect a $1 per day charge on rental cars at state airports as a customer facility charge.

The bill, as the proposed Senate Draft 2, is up for public hearing on April 1st at 10:00 a.m. in Room 211.

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