Saturday, December 1, 2007

Value of the Vote

We imagine that those who write political blogs have an interest in creating greater political awareness and activism within our society. This brief from the current issue of The Economist indicates that the hard fought right to vote may be all but forgotten by the younger generation in this country. It states:

"A poll of New York University students revealed that 20% would give up their vote in the next election for an iPod and two-thirds would do so for a year's college tuition. Half would renounce that vote permanently for $1m. " From Washington Square News, Nov. 14th.


Doug said...

The actual article is a bit more nuanced than your hasty conclusion drawn from the Economist blurb:

Hawaii House Blog - GD said...

Thanks for the link and for taking the time to look it up. I read the article, twice, and I still come away with the same conclusion. While the kids say that voting is important, these are still the same kids who would sell their vote, some for as little as an iPod.