Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 2 Superferry Hearing - Rep. Marcus Oshiro explores a "settlement"

In today's hearing, Finance Chair, Rep. Marcus Oshiro, asked Attorney General his opinion on whether a settlement between the plaintiffs and defendants in the Superferry case on Maui was a possibility. Rep. Oshiro was exploring the use of a settlement as a resolution rather than new legislation (reminiscent of the Hokulia case on the Big Island).

Attorney General Bennett's response was skeptical..."Can't say that there is a possibility of a resolution through a settlement that would satisfy both sides." "Zero belief that the parties could agree."

Chair Oshiro pursued the issue and asked AG Bennett if he was willing to look into it. The AG said that he would ask the lawyers from the two sides if they would enter an agreement that allows the Superferry to do what the bill allows. Oshiro said, "It's worth a try.

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