Thursday, October 25, 2007

Superferry CEO testifies; Day 1 photos (Senate side)

The Superferry is likely to leave Hawaii if the company becomes enjoined by another lawsuit, Superferry CEO John Garibaldi told members of the House Finance and Transportation committees just before he finished answering a long line of questions this afternoon.

Rep. Sharon Har asked Garibaldi what the Superferry would do if it faced another lawsuit and was banned by the courts from operating.

"I think we'd set sail for California right then, to be quite blunt," Garibaldi said.

"I apologize for saying we'd be off to California," he said after, explaining that the company could not afford to go through another lawsuit and would have to search out other plans.

Finally, we've now moved on to Testifier #9 ... after only 6.5 hours. The House is scheduled to reconvene in a floor session at 8 p.m.

New photos from yesterday's Senate session and public hearing on the Superferry are now up on the Senate Majority Blog's Flickr site.

Watch the hearing on Olelo, Channel 53, or come on down to the Capitol auditorium. But bring a jacket (or parka) if you're planning to be in the auditorium, as it's positively polar down there.

Photo courtesy of the HI Senate Majority blog.

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