Thursday, September 13, 2007

Those Manoa pigs may be smarter than we think...

Rep. Kirk Caldwell received a nod from Dave Shapiro in Volcanic Ash this morning. A man in Aina Haina complained that, due to eradication efforts in Manoa, the feral pigs must have migrated east and were now tearing up his yard. Rep. Caldwell replied, ""Manoa pigs, contrary to rumor, were not given your Aina Haina address. Please come to our pig meeting on Sat, Sept. 15, 10:00 am, Manoa Elementary School. Sorry to hear about the damage to your yard."

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sandwich said...

I guess it's a good thing Rep. Caldwell didn't go hog-wild with his reply. He might have been met with some pretty sow-er responses.

Thank you, I'm here all week.