Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Attorney General says Special Session "worth considering"

Governor Lingle held a press conference today announcing that the state will allow the Superferry to resume service to Kauai on Wednesday, September 26th, during daylight hours only. There will be strict enforcement by the U.S. Coast Guard of a temporary security zone at Nawiliwili Harbor. When asked about whether the administration had thought about working with the Legislature in a special session (to enact a new law allowing the Superferry to proceed), the governor replied that they had. Attorney General Mark Bennett stepped in and said, "It's certainly something that makes sense to have a discussion about....It's a subject worth considering." (Doesn't seem like it's an option on the administration's front burner, and there is as yet no talk of a special session on the House side.)


Doug said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but the Governor could call the Lege into special session with or without each chamber signing on to the idea. Thus, the fact that there has been no discussion in the House doesn't really matter much.

sandwich said...

True, but the Legislature could just adjourn after convening. Governor could force them into special session, but can't force them to take action. Would be better if all the parties were in agreement before anything happened.