Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sorry, no word yet on Special Session

Members of the House Majority met yesterday for nearly two hours to discuss, among other things, the option of a special session related to the Hawaii Superferry.

Those waiting on a definite answer about a special session, though, may have been disappointed. The consensus seemed to be that the House would hold off on making the call until the Maui court decides whether or not the Superferry can proceed while conducting an environmental assessment.

The Advertiser has that story this morning, and this story in its Breaking News section about how the stalled Superferry could cost Hawaii $40 million, as Dept. of Transportation Director Barry Fukunaga testified today in Maui Circuit Court.

Members of the Senate held their caucus today.

Meanwhile, AP reports on the Superferry made their way recently into The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, the International Herald Tribune and USA Today. This story in The Economist ties our local reaction to the Superferry to the Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Summit.

The ferry is so famous that it even has its own Wikipedia entry!

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