Thursday, September 27, 2007

Legislators visit the Big Island; BoC investigation continues tomorrow; still waiting on Special Session

Apparently, it was "Nene Awareness Day" yesterday and we missed it. Many apologies to our beloved state bird, the lovely nene goose, which has held the title since 1957.

Writes the Maui News:
The geese, perhaps descendants of long-ago immigrants blown in from continental America, are not afraid of humans, and with their fluted necks and unblinking gazes have captured the hearts of most everyone who has had the opportunity to see them up close.

Nene Awareness Day is educational. Because the nene is perhaps the most endangered goose in the world, it is against the law to injure or harass one.

In other news, Rep. Cindy Evans, Sen. Will Espero and others were on the Big Island today to visit Kulani Correctional Facility, Hale Nani and Hilo Jail. They also held an informational briefing in Hilo, which was shared via video conference to the Waimea and Kona County Council Offices. Rep. Evans is chair of the House Committee on Public Safety and Military Affairs.

Stories on the joint Senate-House Investigative Committee on the Bureau of Conveyances hearing yesterday appeared this morning in the Honolulu Advertiser, the Star Bulletin and West Hawaii Today. The committee's meeting at 10 a.m. tomorrow in Rm. 325 will include testimony from Carl Watanabe, registrar of the Bureau of Conveyances.
The Bulletin and Advertiser also have more today on questions circulating about a special session at the legislature to consider the Superferry issue.

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