Thursday, July 5, 2007

Cost of a special session

The House is poised to return for a special session to override most of the Governor's potential vetoes. (Citing lack of votes, it appears unlikely that the legislature will override HB91- Public Accountancy, SB1004 - Psychologists prescriptive authority, and SB1283 - UH Tobacco Settlement Fund, if vetoed. There may be more.) What is this going to cost taxpayers? Pat Mau-Shimizu, the House Chief Clerk, estimates that a one-day special session will cost approximately $5,000. This includes per diem and airfare for Neighbor Island representatives and senators who must travel to Honolulu. Constitutionally, the legislature must convene the session to override vetoes before noon on Tuesday, July 10th, but the Governor has until midnight to veto bills. Therefore, the legislature may convene, and if needed, go into recess, until the vetoes are delivered.

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