Thursday, July 5, 2007

All Aboard the Tren Urbano

The Tren Urbano - or urban train - is Puerto Rico's new mass transit system, currently covering a 10.7 mile course through the capital city of San Juan. Rep. Marilyn Lee was in Puerto Rico for legislative business and received an invitation to learn more about the project. As Honolulu prepares to develop its own mass transit system, the comparisons between San Juan and Honolulu contained many similarities. Her observations are published today in the Honolulu Star Bulletin. Tren Urbano cost S2.25 billion and an extension is planned. Ridership is lower than projected, but increased 7.5% from 2005 to 2006. General fare is $1.50.


Kalli, Sr. said...

I read Rep. Lee's comments about the Puerto Rico rail system. Other than what she describes as a very pleasant experience she does not give details on expenses for operation and maintenance and why thier system is so much cheaper than Honolulu. Could it be because their wages are less than half of our union workers? I would love to ride around in a brand new Cadillac but I cannot afford one, the objection by most people who will not be making money on the project is the cost and what else could be done with the same amount of money to alleviate congestion and provide additional West Oahu university funding. The rail as envisioned by Lee and Hannemann is a collosal waste of money that will do nothing to help traffic congestion (the city's own estimate). When was the last time Rep. Lee took the city bus to the Capital building? Never.

Glinkberle said...

The cost of not making the train is way higher because Hawaii might become more dependable on cars like Puerto Rico is, which will mean making more roads and affecting environment in the process, Puerto Rico is trying to revert that, is the reaso why ridership is low, regardless of that it HAS to be done and and extended at whatever the cost, we cannot simply allow the dependence on cars and fuel to consume our islands, greetings from Puerto Rico