Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rep. Takashi Ohno: "Let's Do Things Better"

State Representative Takashi Ohno (Liliha, Puunui, Alewa Heights, Nuuanu) is encouraging residents to expect more from Hawaii in 2015. His proposals include solutions to expedite daily commutes, reward our best educators, increase access to farmers' markets, and keep politicians accountable to the people. This challenge was echoed in the bills that Ohno, currently in his second term representing House District 27, authored for the 2015 Legislative Session.

"After my first two years in office, it became clear from talking with residents, nonprofits, businesses and government agencies that everyone is aware we have large, complicated issues looming over our quality of life in Hawaii," said Ohno. "While we are working on long-term resolutions, I think there are many small-scale improvements that will immediately be noticeable and prove to people that things can and will get better."

Bills for Better Schools
Ohno's education initiatives aim to reward and retain effective and experienced educators.

HB 1401
Appropriates $3.4 million to Hawaii's preschool programs to ensure three- and four-year-olds are equipped with the skills to become a successful student.

HB 1229
Recognizes educators taking on extra school leadership roles with a bonus for teacher leaders.

HB 1228
Creates a bonus for National Board Certified teachers employed at Title 1 schools to reward those empowering our communities in need.

Increases the spending power of principals so that school funds can be directed toward each school's unique goals.

HB 1230
Reestablishes an education working group that will create a plan to resolve ongoing staffing, repair and maintenance, and other issues tasked under Act 51.

Bills for Better Government 
With falling voter turnout in recent elections, Ohno introduced measures to instill trust back into government.

HB 1084
Prohibits lobbyists from giving gifts to elected officials to prevent undue influence in the officials' duties.

HB 1083
Requires an additional campaign spending report to promote greater transparency and reduce the influence of money in politics.

Bills for a Better Hawaii
The immediate impact of these bills will produce positive change to the everyday lives of Hawaii's residents.

HB 1226
Enacts a repaving pilot project to bring relief to older neighborhoods with "roads-in-limbo," which do not qualify for maintenance improvements by city or state agencies.

HB 1400
Allocates funds for a matching incentive program for SNAP beneficiaries at farmers' markets to put more fresh, nutritious options into the hands of those in need while supporting local food sustainability.

HB 1399
Appropriates funds to provide free WiFi at Honolulu International Airport to better serve our tourists and remain an accessible destination in the 21st Century.

HB 1085
Restricts the sizes of political signs and limits the amount of time that a sign can be erected to promote clear views of Hawaii's natural beauty.

More information on all of these bills can be found on the Hawaii State Capitol website at

About Representative Takashi Ohno: Takashi Ohno is the Hawaii State Representative for District 27, which includes Liliha, Puunui, Alewa Heights and Nuuanu. He won re-election in 2014 and is currently serving his second term. Ohno is the Vice Chair of the House Committee on Education and Vice Chair of the House Committee on Tourism. Prior to being elected, he was a third-grade teacher at Mayor Joseph J. Fern Elementary School in Kalihi. Additional information is available on the Hawaii State Capitol Website or on Facebook.

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