Wednesday, April 2, 2014

House Honors Voyages and Accomplishments of the Hokulea

After 38 years of sailing across more than 140,000 miles of open waters of the Pacific using traditional non-instrument means of navigation, the crews of the Hokulea continue to explore the world’s oceans. During its current four-year odyssey—Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage—the Hokulea will circumnavigate the world, covering 47,000 miles, visit 26 countries and 85 ports.

What it has and continues to accomplish was the focus of a state House of Representative ceremony, recognizing the Hokulea, its crews and the Polynesian Voyaging Society. On hand for the passage of a House resolution were Nainoa Thompson, master navigator who steered the Hokulea on its initial voyages in the 1970s; Laura Thompson, Nainoa’s mother and a board member for the Polynesian Voyaging Society; Clyde Namuo, executive director for the Polynesian Voyaging Society; and Kathy Muneno, Nainoa’s wife, local television newscaster and board member for the Polynesian Voyaging Society.

“What began in 1973, as a scientific experiment to build a replica of a traditional voyaging canoe, the Hokulea and her crew has proudly become a representation of Hawaii and Polynesia as a symbol of cultural art, heritage and progress,” read the House certificate of appreciation.  “The House of Representatives of the 27th Legislature of the State of Hawaii hereby extends its sincerest appreciation and deepest gratitude to the Hokulea and her crew for the important ideological, environmental, and cultural impact on, not just the voyaging community, but on Hawaiian and Polynesian culture”

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